Who We Are

creating wholistic change

  • Mission

    Cincinnati Urban Promise, Inc. seeks to create holistic change in the lives of individuals, families, and neighborhoods by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs through a Christ-centered approach to education, empowerment, and loving relationship.

    Our Vision

    • We envision empowered individuals who take control and responsibility for life change.
    • We seek to facilitate racial and economic reconciliation.
    • We exist to equip individuals and families to succeed in every area of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, and academic.
    • We work to nurture loving and supportive long-term relationships that result in a stronger community.

  • History

    CUP began in 2007 as an urban church plant in the neighborhood of Northside in Cincinnati, Ohio sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene. The goal of this church was to reach those living in generational poverty and help them escape that cycle. Through the first year it became quite clear that the neighborhood was in need of much more than a simple church plant.

    In 2009, Cincinnati Urban Promise, Inc. was officially organized as a community development non-profit with the intention of helping families break the cycle of poverty through empowerment, education, and supportive relationships. We recognize that without education our children can’t thrive, without the knowledge that they have the power and control of their own lives they can’t succeed, and without the support of stable individuals surrounding them they can’t grow.

    Our organization is diverse in its ethnic make-up being 89% African American, 1% Indian (non-Native American), and 10% Caucasian. 100% of the people we serve are living below the poverty line. Our students come primarily from single-family homes, many have parents who are incarcerated or who have been victims of violence. Our goal is to help our students and their families recover from the difficult situations they find themselves in and provide a place of hope and security.

    In 2016, CUP moved to a new facility in the neighborhood of Westwood and continues to expand its programming.