Group Mentoring Program

  • Young Leaders of Promise

    Our students meet during the school year in small groups of 1-3 students with one, same gender, adult mentor for one hour each week.

    We use the best mentoring curriculums to guide the students conversations with their mentors. The program focuses on learning wisdom to avoid common pitfalls and participants learn how to make and meet life goals. Students learn resilience that will help them overcome obstacles as they grow into adulthood.

    The students read aloud each week and build vocabulary through their reading and use of the dictionary. Students gain the ability and confidence to lead through increasing their reading and comprehension, building problem solving skills, and setting life goals.

    Students enrolled in our mentoring program also participate in various community service projects with their mentors empowering them to lead our community now – even in their youth. Mentees who have been meeting with their mentors for one year are able to go on fun outings with their mentors throughout the year. We also offer various life skills courses (such as budgeting, cooking, and child care) throughout the year.