Summer of Promise Sign-up Form

Basic Information

Summer of Promise is a 4 week day camp designed for learning, fun, and spiritual growth for students. During 4 summer weeks students will have opportunity to participate in arts, learning about nature, immersion in music, learning gardening and cooking skills, and much more.
This program is designed to help students retain their academic achievement during the summer months and to continue their growth in leadership. Opportunities to explore future career paths and entrepreneurship are available.

Dates: Monday to Thursday, 9am-1pm, July 8th to August 1st

Cost: $1 per child per week, $5 family maximum per week

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Do your children need transportation?

(Transportation only provided to the first 30 students registered based on need and location. Westwood, East Westwood, Millvale/Moosewood, Roll Hill and Northside residents ONLY.)

Please carefully read the following. By submitting this form electronically you acknowledge and accept the terms below:

• I understand that my child will need to attend a minimum of 3 days a week to stay registered in the program. If they need to be absent for a particular reason, I will communicate that reason to the Director in person or in writing. I understand that unexcused absences will result in my child's spot will be given to a child on the waiting list should a waiting list exist.
• I give permission for my child to participate in the activities sponsored by Cincinnati Urban Promise.
• In case of medical emergency, I understand that an effort will be made to reach me. However, I do give permission for the staff of this program to authorize emergency medical care for my child.
• I understand the risk involved in this program and that the staff will exercise all reasonable care for my child. I will not hold Cincinnati Urban Promise, Inc. (CUP) or other cooperating organizations, their staff or representatives, responsible for injuries which occur to my child.
• I understand that CUP and the cooperating organizations are not responsible for my child until and unless they arrive at the program site.
• I give permission for my child’s name and photograph to be used in publications produced by CUP.
• I agree to support my child and the staff of this program by encouraging my child to abide by all rules and to lead and encourage their peers to do the same.
• I understand that camp is Monday through Thursday of each week during the weeks of July 9th through August 2nd. I understand that camp hours are from 9:00am to 1:00pm and that my child may be dropped off as early as 8:30am but must be picked up promptly at 1:00pm.

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