Cincinnati Urban Promise is excited about the potential future that two new partnerships will bring to the area. Dohn Community High School and City Gospel Mission’s Little Village will bring opportunity for education
and growth to high school students and parents of pre-schooler’s that previously didn’t exist in this area.

Dohn Community High School is a multi-campus, non-profit school serving high s
chool age and adult students. We deliver continuous progress to a full-
spectrum of learning needs. We promote community engagement, social development, and career fulfillment following graduation. With many students on the west side, a CUP location makes sense and provides west side students the ability to receive a high quality education and high school diploma without the barrier of traveling across town on long bus rides or trying to find other means of transportation. 

Dohn students who are also parents can look forward to the opening of the CUP Early Childhood Education Center where their young children can receive the same excellent educational experience that they are while they are on site for classes with Dohn. These parents will also be blessed by the ability to stop in at The Little Village to play in a structured and supportive environment – giving them the opportunity to spend quality time building their relationship with their young children and learning about their development and how they can support this development at home.